Lesson plan title:
Bee-Bot Bug Dance
Activity overview:
Grade level: Kindergarten & First grade
  • Students will listen to the story Bug Dance. Each group will program their bee bot to travel the steps of the dance.
Art & Math concepts addressed:
Dance Choreography
Team work
Direction: right, left, backward, and forward
Space & movement
Recognize similarities and differences between visual art, music, and dance

  • Students can create their own dance; they will need to draw cards illustrating the steps to the dance so other bee-bots can participate in the dance.
  • Students can draw a portrait of the bee-bot with a bug character from the story.
  • In music students can learn to perform the new dances!
  • Students can explore the kinds of lines they can create with their bee-bots while exploring dance.
Book: Bug Dance by Stuart J. Murphy; illustrated by Christopher Santoro
Web Resources:
Dancing lessons online:
Creative Dance Lesson: teaching the elements of art:: space
Materials needed:
  • 5 Bee-bot robots
  • Sticks with students’ names to organize groups
  • Blank cards for creating new dance
  • Paper
  • Crayons
  • Each group should have a copy of the dance steps…
  • Samples of new steps