Bee B
ot Word Webs

Created By: Kimberly D. Ashley

Activity Overview
Using predetermined words taken from synonym word lists, students can use bee-bots to help them study and increase their vocabulary knowledge. To make a word web, place a group of synonyms beneath a clear vinyl sheet divided into 6X6 squares. Be sure to mix in other unrelated words so that each of the spaces under the mat is filled. Make sure the related words are next to each other to form a web. Each student will take turns finding words that mean the same or nearly the same. For example, the word to match is big. Students will find a word that is above, below, or beside, the word big on the word web that means the same as big, such as, large. Next to the word large might be huge, gigantic, and so on. When all of the words are found, the web is complete.
Activity Objectives
This activity helps to build vocabulary for students by helping them find words that are related. Students can also build words and use them in sentences.
Concepts Addressed
Vocabulary, Word Meaning, Word structure, Word endings
1. Have students use the words correctly in a sentence for additional points.
2. Use word webs to help students look for words that have the same base words.
3. Play "I'm thinking of a word that..." and have the student program the bee-bot to find the word.
4. Have students build words by drawing a base word and a word ending, es, ed, ing. Have the student
program the bee bot to go to that word on the game board.
5. Have students build words with prefixes and suffixes and program the bee-bot to find the word.
6. Students can look for words that mean the opposite of a given word, such as easy/difficult, wet/dry.