Diane Faber - I teach Kindergarten at St. Marks which is part of Renwick schools. Our school just became a charter school for 2007-08 and the Bee-Bot fits into many of our goals for helping students become 20th century learners. The Bee-bot will allow my Kindergarteners the opportunity for beginning "Programing" skills.
I am so excited to share this with my students.

Activity #1 - Scavenger Hunt- THE BEE-BOT MAN (Gingerbread man)
Click above for lesson plan
  • Explore our school
  • Find the office, library, PE, Music, Restrooms and Our classroom
  • Finding our way around the classroom (for beginning)
Activity #2 - Let's Go Hunting
Click above for lesson plan
  • ABC Hunt - use flash cards and find the letter on a grid
  • Number Hunt - Use flash cards find the number ( would be very useful with special needs children and use any groups of numbers)
  • Popcorn Word Hunt - Use flash cards and find the word on a grid
  • Color Word Hunt - Same as above using color words
  • Number Word Hunt - Same as above using number words
  • Find my Friends - Same as above using class mates names

Journal Entries: Aug. 30th My students Love Bee-Bot day, We have spent 3 days with "free Exploration" basically I have let the kiddos just explore at their leisure. I told the children that the Bee-bots little box was their bedroom and they needed to wake them up and then program them. That seems to be no problem for Kindergarteners. I did try to have my student program Bee-Bot to go around their pencil boxes and that was very difficult we need to go back to some basic instruction of programing. I am having Bee-Bot day every Tuesday and Friday. Dr. Peters our superintendant has ask us to present a Bee-Bot lesson for our Board Members, I have ask Renee Ewert to bring over 2 students and we will present in October for our board. Sept. 3 -

Friday Aug. 31st. I tried to have the students program Bee-Bot to go around their pencil boxes and I quickly found out that they are NOT ready for that. so I scalled back the assignment for the PM class. I had them walk themselves around a chair with the Bee-Bot in their hands. That worked much better. I can already see that my lesson plan I had planned my not be as easy as I had 1st imagined for them. This is suppose to be a learning experience for me to. Every day the kids ask me if it's Bee-Bot day.

Sept. 5th - Well I am learning that I have been trying to go to fast, today we pretended that we were Bee-Bot and try to get around a chair. We held Bee-Bot and would go forward, then turn, and then go forward. I think I have not expected the kiddos to think where Bee-bot was going. With The Bee-Bot in their hands looking the same way I felt they were understanding how he moved. I plan to start my lesson plans next week working with a grid. We have also wordered the soft-ware and maps that come with Bee-Bot for our classroom.

Sept. 17, 2007 - our boxes are wearing out very quickly but we were fortunate to have 5 little "KOOL-AID" bags with handles that fit perfectly for our Little friends. they look great and should be very durable! We had 2 very important visitors in our classroom, Our Sup. and curriculum director wanted to come and see BEE-BOTS in action. they were very pleased, as we observed we saw several students estimating how far they needed to go and then make turns before actually "programming" the BEE-BOT. I am beginning to see some improvement in their programming skills. I did have to re-group my students, some personalities were not working out so well. My studetns still ask every day if today is BEE-BOT day. We have switched days to Wed. and Fri.

Oct. 5th - I have made up "Grids" and use little plastic dinosaurs and I have been having the kiddos take turns and try to get Bee-Bot to the Dinosaur after they get ti the dinosaur they can not move Bee-Bot (very hard for them) and then they move the dinosaur and program Bee-Bot to new location. This has proved to be very beneficial for them in understanding how the Bee-Bot works. They are still having fun but it is amazing how they are doing. Many try to walk it out before they actual enter their program. Next year I will start off after a couple of times of FREE EXPLORATION. Several of my students are sharing at the Oct. 15th Board meeting. I am taking 2 boys and 2 girls.

Oct. 24th - We had a blast presenting to the board members it went over well. the students really showed their eagerness and knowledge of BEE-BOT. I am very pleased with my newest "GRID" for my lesson plan - They love finding themselves and and their friends. I am going to take away the pictures after the 1st of the year and just make them read the names and find the picture.
Let's find the AM class
Let's find the Dinosaur
Let's find the Dinosaur
Let's find the PM class
scavenger Hunting

Board Meeting
Board Meeting

Dec. 28th - I ordered the "bundle" which includes the maps and software (We ordered them in September) - other than the money is in European. I think it will take my BEE-BOTs to the next level. My students love Bee-Bot but become bored with the same games. They have become very good at programming them to go where they want them to go!
Dec. 28th - I will add pictures on Thursday the 3rd for the Scavenger hunt