Lesson Plan Title:

Created By: Melanie Campbell

Activity Overview
Introduce this activity by reading aloud The Fly on the Ceiling by Julie Glass. This humorous book introduces students to Cartesian grids. Start with a space orientation grid. Using Bee-Bots that resemble frogs, place a Bee-Bot at (0,0) on the grid facing the y axis. Have one student roll two number cubes to derive a coordinate. Have one student place a picture of a fly at that coordinate. The student's partner then programs Bee-Bot to travel to that coordinate. If the student is successful and bee-Bot reaches the fly, the frog gets to collect the fly. See how many flies the frog (Bee-Bot) can collect. IMPORTANT: Be sure to emphasize that Bee-Bot must travel over (along the x axis) before traveling up. Students will need to begin with a right turn in order to accomplish this. This will help to reinforce the meaning of the order of the ordered pairs.

Activity Objectives
The student will accurately locate points on a coordinate grid.
The student will accurately program Bee-Bot to travel to a point on a coordinate grid.
The student will write an ordered pair to describe a point on a coordinate grid.

Concepts Addressed
Ordered Pairs
Coordinate Grids

• After students are successful using space orientation, move to a point orientation.

The Fly on the Ceiling: A Math Myth (Step Into Reading: A Step 4 Book)
by Julie Glass

Web Resources
Simple Coordinates Game

Billy Bug Coordinates

Materials needed
Clear Bee-Bot grid numbered along the left side and bottom
Pictures of Flies to place under the grid
Number Cubes (0, 1, 2, 3, 4)

Begin Bee-Bot GO right at (0,0).

Testing of grids: I have preK students and used die for students to count how many spaces to go across and then up. They did fairly well with this considering we are still working on bar graphs. Her lesson was very good for my highest level students and should work well for kindergarten through 2nd grade.

Carolyn Brown