Karen Dixon

I am the Tech Teacher (or Technology Instructional Specialist or Technology Integration Specialist, or...and tech trouble-shooter) for St. John Catholic School in Lawrence. We are a Pre-K to 6th grade campus. I work with all teachers and students (around 375) either in their classrooms with laptops or in the small Computer Lab. I work with teachers to do research and develop lessons and activities. I help teach and supervise these same activities. I am really excited because this year we have added a Spanish language program and preschool to our family. I hope to use the Bee-Bots to encourage creativity, collaboration, and a sense of exploration and adventure with my students (and teachers).

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Aug.4, 2007: I was so excited with my new Bee-Bot friends that I had to share them as soon as I got back to Lawrence. I helped baby-sit a fourth grade girl and seventh grade boy that evening. I introduced them and gave very few instructions. They really took to them! We laid out the road pieces and tried different combinations. Both kids experimented with how to get the Bee-Bots to go where they wanted them. It was great watching their problem solving. Of course, they had to try different shell colors as they experimented. I played too because I could not resist.

Aug. 13 - 17, 2007: I had several opportunities to share the Bee-Bots this week. Some students were in the building while their parents helped. I gave them a very simple introduction and watched them experiment. They were totally engrossed until their parents came to take them home. They learned a lot simply through experimentation. On Wednesday, I started my technology presentation for the faculty with them. I had one travel around the track, one on a table, and one on a grid to match pictures. They fell in love with them. I have already spoken with a teacher about some lessons she wants to do! On Friday, I had my Bee-Bots set up in my office/lab. As the students and parents came to visit, they experimented with them. We had lots of giggles and smiles, especially from the parents! This weekend I hope to finalize my Spanish Sight Words plans and create a grid with the teacher's vocabulary words. I have one class of fourth graders I will see an extra time each week. I plan on setting them free with the Bee-Bots and see what they can come up with for their younger schoolmates and for themselves.

Aug. 28, 2007: I just spent an hour with a class of fourth graders. Their new Bee-Bot Buddies entranced them. I introduced them and gave them just basic practices (see intro file). They had an opportunity to work on a colored geometric grid, a number grid, a color maze under the plastic grid, the roadway pieces, and the command cards. Their methods of exploration and learning were varied and mostly successful. Some students had suggestions for future activities. The best ideas were for a maze and an alphabet grid to spell words.
Each and every child asked where they could buy one!

Fourth Grade 1

Fourth Grade 2

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SJS Bee-Bots

Sept. 25, 2007: I have now introduced the Bee-Bots to every child in the school...except the Kindergarteners. I have had the most fun with the preschoolers this week. Their eyes just lit up when they saw the Bee-Bots, heard them beep, and experimented with giving them instructions. The learned very quickly what they could teach the Bee-Bots and to take turns.
I have found that students at all levels are intrigued by them and want to experiment. The first graders almost immediately had them going diagonally. The sixth graders came up with several activities that I will have them develop. Even though every class had questions, I had them use trial and error to find the answers. I have a technology club that meets weekly and they also want to create activities. I am constantly bombarded with "When do we get to play with the Bee-Bots again?" These little fellows have generated a great amount of enthusiasm for all technology at St. John!

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