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Please use this format when writing your lesson plans so that our book will be consistent. If you think of a category that is not here, let Karen or Tonya know.

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Lesson Plan Title - Bee-Bot Toy Hunt

To compliment the topic 'Toys'

Activity Overview - Bee-Bot Toy Hunt, To recognize and find differnet members of our Faculty and Staff

Activity Objectives - Using their Bee-Bot skills the students will name and then find that faculty or staff member on the "Roads"

Concepts Addressed - programming and using the "roads" to find their persons pictures.

Extensions/Adaptations - As the year progresses I will have the students tell me what that persons job is in our school and why they are important to them.
I have also planned to take pictures of their "Jobs" and then have them connect their Jobs to the person.

Literature - The Gingerbread Man - I have several versions I have read.

Web Resources

Materials needed - I used the "roads" included in our grant package. I took pictures of various faculty and staff, (I can always add more) I taped the pictures on the roads and then made "Flash cards" to use.


Activity Title

Created By: Diane Faber

Activity Overview: "LET'S GO HUNTING"

Activity Objectives: The student will draw a card, then program Bee-Bot to go hunting.
The student will find and match the letters.
The students will have the obtion of finding different ways to get to there expect destination.

Concepts Addressed: ABC and number recognition, beginning reading skills of names, color, number and High Frequency words (POPCORN words)

Extensions/Adaptations: connecting names to pictures
  • ABC Hunt - use flash cards and find the letter on a grid
  • Number Hunt - Use flash cards find the number ( would be very useful with special needs children and use any groups of numbers)
  • Popcorn Word Hunt - Use flash cards and find the word on a grid
  • Color Word Hunt - Same as above using color words
  • Number Word Hunt - Same as above using number words
  • Find my Friends - Same as above using class mates names
    Web Resources
    Materials needed - grids for each hunting expedition

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Activity Title

Created By: Diane Faber

Activity Overview: "Activity #1 - Scavenger Hunt- THE BEE-BOT MAN (Gingerbread man

Activity Objectives: The student be given the task of taking BEE-BOT from our classroom on the map and navigating him around the map to find differnet parts of our school.

Concepts Addressed: reading a map
programming skills

  • Explore our school
  • Find the office, library, PE, Music, Restrooms and Our classroom
  • Finding our way around the classroom (for beginning) "
> Literature
  • Web Resources
  • Materials needed - a map of our school (scaled to work for BEE-BOT)
  • Samples/photos/handout