What does "Classroom Tested" mean?

During our Bee-bot workshop we asked you to pair up with a similar type of teacher (same grade level or subject) so that you could share lessons and activities with each other and give feedback. Each partner team should have exchanged lessons and tried them out in their own classrooms. This testing phase is essential to ensurse that other teachers can follow the written lesson plans. It also makes a richer lesson plan to have two heads working together to add possible classroom extensions and other ideas.

After the partners had exchanged lessons plans, critiqued, and revised based on those critiques we wanted the lesson plans to be available to the larger group to try out. Our plan was for each teacher to try out a couple of additional lessons plans written by teachers other than their partner so that everyone would have new lesson ideas to use with their bee-bots but also to provide valuable feedback to the original teacher author so that our lessons would be ready for publication. Our original schedule is listed below:
  • Monday, October 15 - partner classroom testing and feedback completed
  • Monday, November 12 - large group feedback and testing completed
  • Monday, December 10 - lesson plans (minimum two) finalized for publication

If you missed this testing phase and these deadlines there is still time to classroom test your lessons for publication. Please work with your partner to complete this phase of the lessons and update your wiki to reflect the revisions and changes that are likely to come from this exchange.

QUESTIONS??? Write them below and Karen/Tonya will answer or email us (karen.reynolds@wichita.edu or tonya.witherspoon@wichita.edu) and we'll answer and post the Q&A for everyone. If you have a question - it is likely that others do too.

Q: What do we need to do to report having tested these?
A: All lessons need to be classroom tested by a minimum of two teachers (you and a partner) in order to publish them as “teacher tested” activities in our book. When you have competed the testing please make your comments and notes on the lesson page that you tested. Include your name so that we know who did the classroom testing. The original author should check the comments and feedback and ask questions for clarity and then make any revisions necessary. When the lesson has been tested by at least two teachers - the original author and at least one other teacher - make a note of that on your wiki.